Shelley Rinaldi

Interior Designer

Well hello there, I’m Shelley Rinaldi the founder, principal and general one woman army behind Shelley Rinaldi Interiors.  From the time I was little I always loved design in some element or another, whether I was drawing elaborate fashion designs in the sketch pads that were constantly by my side or flipping through the wallpaper sample books at my local hardware store dreaming up my vision of the perfect pattern combination.  Flash forward to my adult life and that love for all things design blossomed into a true passion and appreciation of architecture and interiors.  I love to find the details and quirks that make a home unique and create a design plan that highlights the homes individuality in a functional and harmonious way that is true to the lifestyle of the people that inhabit it.

My design esthetic is a mix of natural materials, as well as new and vintage pieces, to create a modern yet classic look.  I’m not a big fan of those articles stating things such as “15 Design Mistakes to Avoid”, I believe a home should be filled with pieces you truly love and that have a sentimental meaning to you regardless of whether it fits in with a current trend. It is my job as a designer to take those pieces and use them to create a mood that best reflects you.  It is only in doing so that I can help you to take your house and make it truly home.